Guzman Painting Contractors


We are Guzman Painting Services, we’ve been providing services throughout the Southern California area for the past 20 years. We emphasize a strong work ethic along with working directly with our customers to ensure that they get what they want. We do our best to treat our customers with respect and we stay on budget the entire time, along with finishing projects on time. If you have any questions or would like an estimate, feel free to give us a call or leave a message with us on our web site.


Established in 1995.

Guzman Painting Services has been providing services to the Southern California region for the past 20 years. We started in Los Angeles and have been able to grow to a county-level business where we’ve been able to provide services for people who live further away. As our business has grown, we have continued to place the customer first, meaning that we provide services based on what it is our customers would like to see.

Meet the Business Owner

Jose G.

Business Owner

Jose Guzman was born in El Salvador and as so many others have done, chose to come to the United States in the hopes of being able to provide for his family in a manner that wasn’t possible in El Salvador. Upon his arrival to the city of Los Angeles, Jose worked with various painting companies and acquired experience all while staying true to his beliefs which includes providing exemplary customer service. He is a firm believer in providing people with what they need as well as maintaining a level of respect between himself and those who work with him. He aspires to see his business grow while continuing to provide the services directly to the people and in the manner that they wish to see the services,